About Dyana


Meet Dyana King

My professional career began in 1989 as a technical recruiter. The early nineties was an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in the technology space. In 1997, I co-founded a technical recruitment agency called Thinknicity. My focus included employment branding and helping my clients to achieve effective practices around hiring top talent. I also assisted countless technology professionals in advancing their careers. Living through the dot-com boom and bust cycle opened my eyes to many of the systemic...

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Look inward to drive action

I believe that in order to identify and do meaningful work (or play), one must first look inward and identify the values that truly drive us to action. We all have beliefs, some hidden and some obvious, that frame the perceptions we have of ourselves and the world around us...

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The Hero’s Journey

Follow your bliss to unveil your journey

In my early twenties, I discovered the works of Joseph Campbell, a scholar and authority on the study of comparative religion and ancient myth. His work has informed my world view ever since. He coined the phrase "Follow your bliss"; as a coach, I love that philosophy but it goes much deeper than those three words. We are each here for a special purpose and each person's journey is of equal significance. Once we are free from the illusions that keep us from seeing ourselves as we truly are...

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